Cooking Program


Arizonans for Children is conducting free cooking classes that include learning about Middle Eastern, French, Hispanic and special dietary cuisine. Daily volunteer opportunities are available for teaching a cooking class at either of our visitation center. Schedule to be determined. Foster youth are developing an understanding of cooking healthy, nutritious meals, at low cost. The cooking instructors cater their classes to the group’s needs to ensure that dietary restrictions are taken into consideration. The informational classes serve to educate children from all backgrounds on the importance of nutrition and healthy eating while also providing a relaxing environment.

Our cooking program incorporates a holistic approach to nutrition and well-being.  Arizonans for Children generated a project with a community partner that promotes gardening initiatives.  Together we planned a service project that incorporated erecting two garden boxes which were strategically placed on the patio next to the kitchen.  Children planted organic produce for the cooking program to utilize.  The children can witness the growth of the plants, foster the development and utilize the harvest.  Volunteer instructors can communicate with their class to decide what plants they should grow during the seasons. Mint, basil, chives and tomatoes were selected for the summer.  The discussion stimulates children to consider the cost of fresh produce and inspires planning ahead for meal preparation.

If you wish to become a volunteer cooking class instructor please follow this link Volunteer Application to complete an application and/or contact Kaye McCarthy at 480-838-0085 or email at

If you have a child(ren) who would like to attend a cooking class---please contact Kaye McCarthy at 480-838-0085 or email at