Dance Program


Arizonans for Children is teaching classes in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Salsa, Self Defense and Traditional Indian dance, Bollywood.  We are holding various classes on weekdays and weekends throughout the valley.

Children from group homes and foster placements attend the same course each week and develop an understanding of the cultural origin and proper techniques rooted in each style of dance.  Dance instructors tailor the lessons to the developmental stage of each group.  They challenge the students while providing an outlet that is non-competitive, stress free and promotes self-expression.  The therapeutic classes promote confidence and raise self- esteem. 

The volunteer dance instructors provide lively and innovative instruction with exciting music.  Volunteer Instructors feel a sense of camaraderie connecting with the agency and other volunteers who share a passion for volunteering and the importance of exposing children to the arts.

If you wish to become a volunteer dance class instructor please follow this link to complete your application Volunteer Application and/or contact Laura Pahules at 480-295-6963, or by email at

If you have a child who would like to attend dance class---contact Laura Pahules at 480-295-6963 or email at