Woodworking Class

“Believe and Achieve” 

Program Overview

OBJECTIVE:  To inspire young people in the Arizona foster care system to develop purposeful goals, bolster their level of self-confidence, and stimulate their creativity and imagination.

 PROGRAM PLATFORM:  Provision of a safe, educational, enjoyable environment for young people to work as a team  in the production of marketable wood craft projects.

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT:  Responsible instructor with Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Arts/Education minor. State of Texas lifetime certified teacher. Previously taught wood working, electronics, metal working, power mechanics and drafting courses at both the junior high and high school levels in the Dallas Independent School District.

PRODUCT SELECTION:  The “Believe and Achieve” classes will produce a series of projects based upon the “Canoga”/”Shut the Box” game models. There will be ONE basic game produced; but in multiple color combinations and in varying game themes. Producing one standard game with construction flexibility allows for the compartmentalization of team responsibilities, standardization of assembly procedures, definition of individual assignments within the team, consistent quality control oversight, accurate billing and product shipping, and a minimum of non-productive efforts or material waste.

PROGRAM PARTICIPATION:  Initially, six students will participate in a four week, two sessions per week, class term. Two hour classes are to be held on Wednesdays (most students’ schools early release day) from 5:00-7:00 pm. Saturday classes will be held from 9:00 am-12:00 pm; a total of twenty hours of instruction per term. As one term ends, another will begin with six new students.  ANY VIOLATION OF SAFETY RULES, HORSEPLAY OR INCIDENT OF DISTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR WILL TERMINATE THE STUDENTS’ CURRENT AND FUTURE CLASS PARTICIPATION! Additionally, an adult staff member from the participating group home will be in attendance at each class session
for enhanced individual supervision. Personal safety is the most important instruction of this course.

PROGRAM INCEPTION DATE:  A pilot program has been in place since November 2016 with three students (ages 8, 10, and 16) participating. This activity has laid the groundwork for an expanded program designed around the potential abilities of teenage foster children. Full implementation of the “Believe and Achieve” program cannot commence until basic funding is received to support the efforts of the inaugural class term. Once established, this program will be self-sustaining through the sale of the products produced. The work, efforts and success of one class provides for the necessities and raw materials for the next class; a true team effort.

PROJECT GOALS:  To provide each student with a fully rewarding experience that allows them to have a deeper belief in themselves, a stronger grasp of their untapped abilities, and the understanding that there are many, many others who wish them success in their lives.