Wish List of Needed Donations for our Holiday Party

Rolling suitcases
Board Games
Makeup and sundries
Barbie dolls

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Wish List of Needed Donations for our Visitation Center


Paper Goods For Baby Children Ages 3-17
Toilet Paper Changing Table Pads Reading Books
Kleenex Baby Wipes Videos & DVDs
Paper Towels Child Plug Proctectors Art Supplies
Paper Cups Toys & Games Crayons
Paper Plates/Bowls Pool Cues Kid Scissors
Paper Napkins Pool Chalk Pens/Pencils
Plastic Forks/Knives/Spoons Foosballs Colored Paper
Microwave dish covers Ping Pong Paddles Chalk Board chalk
Cleaning Supplies Board Games Coloring Books
Hand Sanitizer Air Hockey Paddles Office Supplies
Dish Towels/Rags Air Hockey Pucks Copy Paper
Trash Bags – Black & White Doll Clothes Air Filters 20×20
Hand Soap Barbie Dolls Post It Notes
409 Cleaner Barbie Clothes Printer Ink
Windex S.T.E.M. Class HP 950/951
Disposable Gloves Computer Monitors HP 950XL
Disinfecting Wipes Computer Keyboards Brother TN 620/650
Miscelleneous Items Computer Mouse Brother TN 630/660
New Luggage HP 564XL Black
Vacuum Cleaner with hose connections
Christmas Wrapping Paper

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