Arizonans for Children offers a free tutor/mentor for any child aged 5-18 in the custody of the state placed within Maricopa County.  We place qualified, background checked tutor/mentors with a child for a period of at least one year.

Tutor/Mentors work on a variety of projects with their mentee during their time together, depending on the needs of the child.  Whether it is educational, emotional or life skill training, our tutor/mentors spend at least 8 hours per month assisting their child in developing these skills.


To apply to become a Tutor/Mentor Volunteer:

Caregivers/Case Managers – to enroll your child in our Tutor/Mentor program:

For more information, please contact one of our coordinators, listed below!

Tutor/Mentor Program Contact Information:

Monique Quinones | Mentor Program Supervisor

Dana Haidar | East Valley Coordinator

Laura Power | North Valley Coordinator

Mei Mei | West Valley Coordinator

We are proud to say that last year with over 200 tutor/mentor volunteers, we measured an 95% improvement in the grades of the children in our program.  Additionally, we observed a rise in self-esteem after a child was matched with a caring adult mentor.

We believe the matching of an adult mentor with a child who has suffered abuse, neglect or abandonment makes an enormous difference in their feelings of trust, acceptance and hope.  A child who realizes that their Tutor/Mentor is doing this for no other reason except to help, seems to thrive with the attention they receive.  This is such a practical way to make a difference in a child’s life and introduce them to a world they would never be able to experience. For the Tutor/Mentor Volunteer the rewards are incredible.  A testament to this is how many couples and family members come to volunteer after hearing how amazing this gift of time is received.

This program is also highly beneficial to our volunteers! Mentoring a child in care can be a great way to pour into our future generation, discover new things, and just have fun! It also gives you the chance to develop leadership and communication skills. There are many benefits to volunteering and you can read more in this article: A Resource Digest for People Considering Youth Mentoring by Simone McFarlane with Shoestring Parenting.