“A bicycle represents more than a mechanical object. Bikes create magic and supply life with thrills, excitement and adventure.”

One of our very own coordinators, Nikki, used this service to get a bike for a child she met during an interview. He was a sweet and energetic 11 year old boy living in foster care with his baby sister, who he loves to watch over. He talked a lot about his bike during the interview! It was broken and he wished he was able to fix it because he missed being at the skate park. Nikki immediately went online and completed the request form, which she says was very easy to do, and the bike was ready in just a few days!

Bob’s Free Bikes repairs and re-cycles bikes in order to provide free bikes for children (ages 5-17)! Click here to head to their website and request a bike for your mentee. Bikes can be delivered or you can head to their shop to pick it up and meet their team!

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